Osadzeni niebezpieczni. Procedura kwalifikacji, jej weryfikacja oraz zakres ograniczeń

  1. Tomasz Kalisz


Dangerous prisoners.
Selection procedure, verification and the scope of restrictions

The article focuses on new solutions in the Executive Penal Code relating to the procedure for qualifying for a group of dangerous prisoners and the range associated with the qualification constraints and their possible modification. Prisoners posing a serious social threat or a serious risk to the safety of penitentiary institutions are a special group of people criminally isolated. They are aggressive and deeply demoralized prisoners, the most dangerous perpetrators of crime and the persons directly involved, and often holding managerial positions, within the framework of organized crime. In practice of the functioning of the penitentiary they are a real threat to the proper functioning and security of prisons.

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Nowa Kodyfikacja Prawa Karnego

43, 2017. Księga Jubileuszowa Profesora Tomasza Kaczmarka

Strony od 177 do 190

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