Wykonywanie środków o  charakterze wolnościowym w  prawie karnym skarbowym

  1. Janusz Sawicki


Execution of the libertarian measures in fiscal penal law

The article concerns selected problems relating to libertarian measures in fiscal penal law from the perspective of criminal law enforcement. The issues addressed in the article first present the model of criminal policy in fiscal penal law. Then, the author analyses the institutions described in the Fiscal Penal Code, having the character of libertarian measures. All these measures relate to the imprisonment for fiscal offences. The article ends with a summary of libertarian measures in fiscal penal law.

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Nowa Kodyfikacja Prawa Karnego

33, 2014. Kary i środki wolnościowe w perspektywie praktyki orzeczniczej i wykonawczej

Pages from 89 to 112

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