Nowa Kodyfikacja Prawa Karnego, 38, 2015, ss.176

Strony redakcyjne i spis treści

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Prawo karne materialne

The penalty of restriction of liberty — The Polish model of intermediate punishment

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criminal sentence, community work, criminal policy

About basic terms regarding judicial sentences. Remarks in the context of the Polish Penal Code

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judicial sentencing, penal reaction, sentencing principles, judicial sentencing guidelines

“Cruelty” as a qualified hallmark of the crime of murder and rape

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“particular cruelty”, aggravated crimes, homicide, rape

Foetal endangerment through alcohol intoxication under Polish law: Can a mother be held criminally responsible?

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foetal endangerment, foetus rights, alcohol intoxication, bodily injury

Anti-money laundering provisions in the light of EU directives

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EU Directive, money laundering, offense, anti-money laundering, AML

Prawo karne procesowe

Selected issues concerning expert witness and specialists in Polish penal proceedings and forensic science

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expert witness, specialist, Code of Penal Procedure, forensic science, technical examination of documents

Rules and scope of applying means of witnesses and victims protection and assistance according to the victims and witnesses protection and assistance bill

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witness, witness protection, help for witness, criminality, organised crime

Prawo karne wykonawcze

Key problems relating to the enforcement of restriction of liberty in Poland. Remarks in the context of changes in criminal enforcement law

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restriction of liberty, enforcement proceedings, amendments to criminal law, probation officer, community work, electronic supervision

Proceedings in the matter of a postponement of the execution of a sentence

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deferment of sentence enforcement, defence counsel, pleading, decree, appeal procedure

Postive criminological forecast as a material contition for parole in Polish penal law

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early conditional release, probation, positive criminological forecast, Polish Penal Code, material condition

Nauki pokrewne

Functionalities of the right and left hand in the context of handwriting expert opinion

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handwriting expert opinion, left-handedness, right-handed and left-handed writing, handwriting features, quantity and quality, identification

Presidential pardon and the judgement of the European Court of Human Rights in Hungary

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pardon, conditional release, ECHR, life imprisonment, empirical research

Review of the book edited by W. Pływaczewski, Counteracting Pathologies on Financial Markets. From Economic Education to Penal Measures (Warszawa 2015, pp. 395)

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